The Beginner's Latin Exercises. Third Conjugation - Passive Voice. Indicative Mood. Interrogative.


  • Exercise A shows what has to be learnt and written in preparation for the next exercises (and future lessons).
  • Exercise B contains viva voce Exercises.
  • Exercise C (from Latin) and Exercise D (from English) contain the sentences to be translated, either orally or in writing.

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Vocabulary 56. Third Conjugation, Passive.

  • invado, -is, -si, -sum, -ere,, to invade.
  • frango, -is, fregi, fractum, -ere,, to break.
  • oppidum, -i, n., a town.
  • pallium, -i, n., a cloak.
  • victor, -oris, m., a conqueror.
  • ventus, -i, m., the wind.
  • ductus, -us, m., a wave.
  • caecus, -a, -um, adj., blind.
  • quidam, quaedam, quoddam, pron., a certain one.
  • Manlius, -i, m., Manlius.

Obs. — -ne appended to a word (usually the first word of the sentence) is a sign of interrogation; as, Scribitne Cato?, Is Cato writing?; Nonne scribit?, Is he not writing?.

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Exercise A

  1. Learn Vocabulary 56., and revise Vocabularies 38. and 39. and the Indicative of regor.
  2. Conjugate pingo in the Indicative Passive.
  3. Write out the 1st Person, Singular and Plural, of all the tenses of the Indicative Passive of: duco, mitto, vinco, and defendo.
  4. Parse tegeris, tegimini, tegeris, and tecti sumus.

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Exercise B

1. Read off the English, naming Mood and Tense, of:

  • regebar; regeris; rectus eras; reguntur.
  • regetur; regimini; recti erimus; regebaris.
  • regeris; regentur; regebamini; recti eramus.

2. Turn these Verbs into the Active form, giving the meaning in English.

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Exercise C: read and translate from Latin.

  1. Haec pulchra tabula a fratre meo picta est.
  2. Victoria caput corona cingetur.
  3. Estne soror tua caeca? Nonne a cane ducitur ?
  4. Mortuum domini corpus pallio tectum erat.
  5. Nonne oppidum fortiter defendebatur?
  6. Legati missi sunt ut pacem orarent.
  7. Naves ventibus et fluctibus frangentur.
  8. Gallus quidam a Manlio occisus est.
  9. Nonne Graecia a Persia olim invasa est?
  10. Ab amicis nostris defendemur.
  11. Ad senatum post proelium missi sumus ut pacem proponeremus.

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Exercise D: read and translate from English.

  1. "Was not Rome formerly surrounded by high walls?
  2. Were the gates of the town broken by the enemy?
  3. The gates of the city will be shut before night.
  4. Hostages were sent to Caesar.
  5. We shall not all be killed in the battle.
  6. Many ships had been sent across the sea.
  7. Many beautiful pictures are painted for the king.

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C.Sherwill Dawe, The Beginner's Latin Exercises Book, 1880, Rivington, Waterloo Place, London; read the book on

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