The Beginner's Latin Exercises. Fourth Conjugation - Passive Voice. Conjunctive Mood.

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  • Exercise A shows what has to be learnt and written in preparation for the next exercises (and future lessons).
  • Exercise B contains viva voce Exercises.
  • Exercise C (from Latin) and Exercise D (from English) contain the sentences to be translated, either orally or in writing.

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Syntax Rule 23. Direct and Indirect Questions.

There are two classes of Questions, Direct and Indirect ; the former takes the Indicative, and the latter the Subjunctive Mood.

  • Direct — Quis epistolam scripsit?, Who has written the letter?
  • Indirect — (Scis) quia eam scripserit. (Do you know) who has written it?.

0bs. — An Indirect Question always depends on some preceding word or clause.

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Exercise A

  1. Revise Vocabularies 43.-45., and the Conjunctive of audior.
  2. Conjugate punio in the Conjunctive Passive.
  3. Write out the 3rd Person, Singular and Plural, of all the tenses of the Conjunctive Passive of: erudio, sepelio, aperio, and vincio.
  4. Parse sepeliaris, sepeliremini, sepelireris, and sepultae essent.

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Exercise B

1. Read off the English, naming Mood and Tense, of:

  • audiar; audiamur; audiremur; audiaris.
  • audiretur; auditus sit; audiamini; audirentur.
  • audiremini; auditi sitis; auditi essetis; auditus esses.

2. Turn these Verbs into the Active form, giving the meaning in English.

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Exercise C: read and translate from Latin.

  1. Rogabo quis hanc epistolam miserit.
  2. Scio ad quem epistola missa sit.
  3. Nescio cujus filia hodie sepulta sit.
  4. Captivi orabant ne manus vincirentur.
  5. Dux curavit ut castra munirentur.
  6. Nonne bonus vir curabit ut liberi sui bene nutriantur?
  7. Non dubito quin diligenter eruditus sis.
  8. Moenia urbis diligenter custodiantur.
  9. Corpora occisoram sub monte sepeliantur.
  10. Judex filios suos vinciri jussit.
  11. Placuitne Senatui ut portae templi aperirentur?

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Exercise D: read and translate from English.

  1. Has the general ordered the camp to be fortified?
  2. It pleased the general that the camp should be fortified.
  3. Who was buried yesterday?
  4. I do not know who was buried yesterday.
  5. I will ask where the body is buried.
  6. The citizens besought the Senate that the war should be finished (impf.).
  7. Will not a good mother take care that her daughters are well trained ?

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C.Sherwill Dawe, The Beginner's Latin Exercises Book, 1880, Rivington, Waterloo Place, London; read the book on

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