The Beginner's Latin Exercises. Second Conjugation - Active Voice. Indicative Mood.

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  • Exercise A shows what has to be learnt and written in preparation for the next exercises (and future lessons).
  • Exercise B contains viva voce Exercises.
  • Exercise C (from Latin) and Exercise D (from English) contain the sentences to be translated, either orally or in writing.

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Vocabulary 35. Second Conjugation.

  • coerceo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to curb, restrain.
  • debeo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to owe, ought.
  • exerceo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to exercise.
  • floreo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to flourish.
  • habeo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to have, hold.
  • mereo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to deserve.
  • moneo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to warn, advise.
  • praebeo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to yield, supply.
  • terreo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to terrify, alarm.
  • timeo, -es, -ui, itum, -ēre,, to fear.
  • impetus, -us, m., an attack.
  • lingua, -ae, f., a tongue.
  • diu, adv., long.
  • quia, conj., because.
  • et... et, both ... and.

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Exercise A

  1. Learn Vocabulary 35., and the Indicative of moneo.
  2. Write out and learn the endings of moneo in this Mood.
  3. Conjugate terreo in the Indicative Mood.
  4. Parse timebas, timebimus, timetis, timuistis, timebitis.

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Exercise B

1. Read off the English, naming Mood and Tense, supply Pronouns of:

  • monetis; monebit; monet; monebitis; monuimus.
  • monebas; monuit; monetis; monebunt; monueras.
  • monebant; monuero; monent; monuisti; monuerint.

2. Give orally the 1st Person Singular of all the Tenses of the Indicative of:

  • floreo, mereo, exerceo, and debeo.

3. Say off the English and give the plural of:

  • floret, debebam, merebis, praebuero, terrebas, timuisti, exercebas, coercuisti.

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Exercise C: read and translate from Latin.

  1. Servi severos dominos timebant.
  2. Improbi mortem timent.
  3. Milites nostri hostes terruerant.
  4. Roma multos cives habuit.
  5. Boni viri filios suos monent.
  6. Impetum hostium timebamus.
  7. Prudens puella linguam coercebit.
  8. Pater filium monere debet.
  9. Pastor fidelem caneni habuit.
  10. Leonesignem timent.
  11. Dux equitatum in planitie exercebat.
  12. Servus praemium meruit, quia domini vitam conservavit.
  13. Lupus omnes agnos in agro terruit.
  14. Multa amicis, plura parentibus, sed plurima debemus Deo.
  15. Arbores vere et aestate florent.

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Exercise D: read and translate from English.

  1. Boys exercise (their) bodies.
  2. The dogs will alarm the sheep.
  3. The brave deserve a reward.
  4. Formerly Rome was flourishing.
  5. The wise curb (their) tongues.
  6. The hostages had feared death.
  7. We will restrain our slaves.
  8. Trees often yield useful things.
  9. The shepherd's dog will not terrify the lambs.
  10. The master ought to warn (his) scholars.
  11. The oak has long flourished in the woods.
  12. The enemy will fear the attack of our soldiers.
  13. My son deserved a reward, because he had been diligent.

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C.Sherwill Dawe, The Beginner's Latin Exercises Book, 1880, Rivington, Waterloo Place, London; read the book on

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