The Beginner's Latin Exercises. Second Declension, -um names (neuter).

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  • Exercise A shows what has to be learnt and written in preparation for the next exercises (and future lessons).
  • Exercise B contains viva voce Exercises.
  • Exercise C (from Latin) and Exercise D (from English) contain the sentences to be translated, either orally or in writing.

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Vocabulary 4. Second Declension, -um names (neuter).

  • regnum, -i, n., a kingdom.
  • oppdum, -i, n., a town.
  • templum, -i, n., a temple.
  • donum, -i, n., a gift.
  • bellum, -i, n., war.
  • scutum, -i, n., a shield.
  • metallum, -i, n., a metal.
  • aurum, -i, n., gold.
  • argentum, -i, n., silver.
  • ferrum, -i, n., iron.
  • plumbum, -i, n., lead.

Verbal forms:

When no Nominative occurs in a Latin sentence, a Pronoun is supplied: thus,

  • amat, (he) loves; laudat, (he) praises; dat, (he) gives.
  • amant, (they) love; laudant, (they) praise; dant, (they) give.
  • habet, (he) has; docet, (he) teaches; est, (he) is.
  • habent, (they) have; docent, (they) teach; sunt, (they) are.

Syntax Rule 3. Genitive of Possession.

The Possessor is put in the Genitive Case.

Syntax Rule 4. Nominative with "To Be".

The Verb To Be takes the same case (NOM) after it as before it.

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Exercise A

  1. Learn Vocabulary 2-4, the verbal forms, the Syntax Rules 3 and 4, how to decline bellum, -i.
  2. Write out and learn the endings of bellum.
  3. Decline donum and templum.
  4. Give the different meanings of reginae, scuto, templis, agri.

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Exercise B

1. Give orally the English, with the Gender, Case and Number, of:

  • bella; scuta; doni; metallis (ABL).
  • bellis (DAT); scutorum; templa; plumbi.
  • bello (ABL); auri; argento (ABL); ferro (DAT).
  • belli; auro (ABL); bellorum; dona.

2. 3. Change Number

  • Say the plural of: regni, bellum, dono, scutum, templi, oppido.
  • Say the singular of: bellorum, regnis, dona, templorum, metallis.

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Exercise C: read and translate from Latin.

  1. Amici sunt donum Dei.
  2. Amicus est scutum vitae.
  3. Aurum est metal lum.
  4. Oppidum muros habet.
  5. Regina est regni gloria.
  6. Rosa est horti regina.
  7. Pueri argentum habent.
  8. Aurum est metallorum regina.
  9. Templa Romae portas habent.
  10. Ferrum et aurum sunt metalla.
  11. Regina poetae aurum dat.
  12. Poeta puero argentum dat.

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Exercise D: read and translate from English.

  1. Lead is a metal
  2. Gold and silver are metals.
  3. Life is the gift of God.
  4. The poet is the boy's friend.
  5. The poet's friend has gold.
  6. (He) praises the boy's horse.
  7. The queen is the poet's friend.
  8. (He) gives gifts to the slave.
  9. The books are a God's gift.
  10. Roses are the glory of a garden.

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C.Sherwill Dawe, The Beginner's Latin Exercises Book, 1880, Rivington, Waterloo Place, London; read the book on

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