The Beginner's Latin Exercises. Third Declension. Substantives of the Feminine Gender.

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  • Exercise A shows what has to be learnt and written in preparation for the next exercises (and future lessons).
  • Exercise B contains viva voce Exercises.
  • Exercise C (from Latin) and Exercise D (from English) contain the sentences to be translated, either orally or in writing.

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Vocabulary 11. Third Declension, feminine names.

  • multitudo, -inis, f., a multitude.
  • virgo, -inis, f., a maiden.
  • mater, matris, f., a mother.
  • avis, -is, f., a bird.
  • apis, -is, f., a bee.
  • ovis, -is, f., a sheep.
  • vulpes, is, f., a fox.
  • clades, is, f., loss, slaughter.
  • mors, mortis, f., death.
  • nix, nivis, f., snow.
  • lux, lucis, f., light.
  • turris, -is, f., a tower.
  • urbs, urbis, f., a city.
  • civis, -is, m./f., a citizen.
  • hostis, -is, m./f., an enemy.
  • timidus, -a, -um, adj., timid.

Syntax Rule 7. Genitive Plural in Parisyllabic Names.

Nouns not increasing their number of syllabes (i.e. parisyllabic names) between Nominative and Genitive Singular make the Genitive Plural in -ium; thus ovis, nubis make ovium, nubium.

Exceptions: pater, mater, frater; canis, apis, juvenis etc.

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Exercise A

  1. Learn Vocabulary 9.-11., the Syntax Rule 7., the way to decline ovis, -is, and the feminine endings of the Third Declension.
  2. Write out and learn the endings of dominus and ovis.
  3. Decline apis, turris and urbs.
  4. Give the Genitive Plural of anser, homo, urbs, avis, apis, pater, vulpes, mater, virgo, juvenis, flos.

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Exercise B

1. Give orally the English, with Number and Case, of:

  • avem; avium; luce; matrum.
  • avi; apum; nivis; clade.
  • ape; juvenem; morte; vulpi.
  • apes (ACC); juveni; mortem; nivem.

2. Change Number.

  • Say the plural of: mater, vulpis, avi, virginem, urbe, cani, virginis.
  • Say the singular of: apes (ACC), apum, avium, matribus (DAT), patrum.

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Exercise C: read and translate from Latin.

  1. Apes flores amant.
  2. Aves lucem amant.
  3. Virgo matri rosam dat.
  4. Mater rosam virgini dat.
  5. Canes vulpem terrent.
  6. Vulpes canes timet.
  7. Multitudo ovium est magna.
  8. Oves sunt timidae.
  9. Hostes mortem timent.
  10. Mors hostes terret.
  11. Turres urbis sunt altae.
  12. Magna est hostium clades.
  13. Poeta amicus avium est.
  14. Cives regem amant.

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Exercise D: read and translate from English.

  1. The maiden loves (her) mother.
  2. The citizens fear the enemy.
  3. Timid sheep fear dogs.
  4. Dogs alarm timid sheep.
  5. The snow is white.
  6. The light is bright.
  7. Borne has many towers.
  8. The towers of Rome are high.
  9. (There) is a multitude of men.
  10. The number of bees is great.
  11. The colour of the fox is red.
  12. (He) has a kind mother.
  13. Death is the end of life.
  14. The youth loves (his) mother.

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C.Sherwill Dawe, The Beginner's Latin Exercises Book, 1880, Rivington, Waterloo Place, London; read the book on

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